Daily Beauty Tips For Ladies – Day 14

beauty fairness tips for women

Find Here Daily Beauty Tips For Ladies – Day 14

➡ While summertime is for cold beverages, winter should be about warming up your insides and alleviating any stress. Toss out your sodas, energy drinks, and coffee and replace them with soothing teas.

➡ If you want to create the illusion of a plumper pout, apply highlighter or a lighter foundation shade to the area between your nose and upper lip. This reflects the light, making the upper lip protrude more.

➡ One of the quickest ways to destroy a pedicure is exposing it to chemicals, such as chlorine. If it can be helped, avoid going for a swim in a chlorinated pool if you’ve just gotten a pedicure.

➡ Because pale eye shadow can make your overall appearance look washed out, make sure to define your peepers by using eye liner and mascara to balance out the look.

➡ Those with thin, rectangular, or square face shapes look best with hoops and rounded designs, while earrings with a wide bottomed design are ideal for heartshaped faces.

➡ For those who don’t like to apply makeup on a daily basis, simply use a large brush to gently dust a light layer of bronzing powder over your complexion to create a golden and healthy glow.

➡ Suffering from a bout of dry skin? Simply blend together the following ingredients: one ounce of safflower oil, two ounces of sesame oil and one ounce of avocado oil. Afterwards, apply to the dry areas.

➡ Women with small eyes should avoid applying mascara to the bottom lashes, or should stick to a very light coat. Wearing too much mascara on the bottom can make small eyes appear distorted and out of proportion.

➡ Include a good multivitamin before every meal. Multivitamins and supplements are great for making sure your body is getting the nutrients you may be missing out of your regular meals.

➡ To make sure your makeup is balanced, be sure that the colors you choose for your cheeks and lips are within the same color/shade family as your eye shadow color.

➡ When it comes to exfoliation choose a product that doesn’t use abrasive ingredients. Nutshells can cause tiny scratches, which make your face appear dull. Search for scrubs with granular sized ingredients.

➡ When using an eyebrow pencil to fill in sparse brows, use light and quick feathered motions. Simply drawing a line or coloring in the area will look very unnatural and harsh.

➡ A great way to enjoy aromatherapy to soothe menstrual cramps is to take a hot bath with a few drops of lavender essential oil. This transforms your bathtub into a soothing way to relax your body and muscles.

➡ To avoid and prevent split ends, use a wide-toothed comb and let your hair air dry when possible to give your ends a break from the blow dryer. Use products made for repairing split ends.

➡ Women with blue eyes can still wear blue eye shadow but the key to pulling this makeup look off is to choose a shade of blue that is lighter than your eye color.

➡ Plus sized women should opt for skirts that are A-lined and high waisted. Sticking to a black skirt is ideal for creating the illusion of a slimmer body and the high waist will cinch your curves in the right way.

➡ How many times have you gone to bed without washing your face? This habit can have a negative impact on your skin by allowing the accumulated toxins, dirt, and oils to sit on your face throughout the night.

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