Turmeric Has High Antioxidants – Health Benefits And Anti Ageing Formula

benefits of drinking milk with turmeric powder for skin

Cur-cumin in turmeric is a powerful antioxidant. The main function of antioxidants is to protect the cells from damage caused by free radicals. These are molecules that come from various sources. Free radicals may come from normal metabolic processes such as fat metabolism. These may also come from protein breakdown during growth, repair, etc. Exposure to stress can also promote the formation of free radicals. Medications and exposure to chemicals also cause increase in the formation of free radicals. Even the simple digestion of food, muscle activity and all other normal body activities can release free radicals.

How It Works

Free radicals also react with the vital organic compounds in the body such as proteins, DNA and fatty acids. The reactions can interfere with the various functions of these compounds. For example, reactions between free radicals and proteins can interfere with the growth and repair function of the proteins. Injuries and cellular damage remain unfixed. The longer the damages remain unresolved in the body, the higher the possibility that the damages can worsen. This will also trigger a cascade that leads to widespread damage and severe problems.

  • Cur-cumin in turmeric neutralizes these free radicals. This turmeric bio-active compound alters the chemical structure of free radicals, inhibiting the capacity for damage. This prevents any negative interaction with the cells and with the other important compounds in the body. 
  • Aside from directly acting on the free radicals, cur-cumin boosts the function of body’s own natural antioxidant compounds such as glutathione in the liver. It stimulates these various body chemicals to fight free radicals, inactivate and bring them to the liver for detoxification. It’s a one-two punch that works beautifully in promoting health.
  • The body has its own natural way of dealing with free radicals. It has the liver that detoxifies and inactivates these free radicals. But because modern living exposes the body to lots of toxins that accelerates free radical formation in the body, the liver usually cannot handle all the work required of it. Toxins from the environment, from medications, from food, from water, from personal care products, from household products and from stress can all add up and cause too many free radicals for the liver and the rest of the body to handle.

In using turmeric as an antioxidant, you can simply add it in your daily food intake.

A regular dose of smoothies and juice with just a touch of turmeric will do wonders for your health and mood. The Energizing Turmeric Tea can be an awesome substitute for coffee in the morning. The mixture of ginger, turmeric and cinnamon gives off a great aroma, while the lemongrass tea gives a kick of flavor and caffeine.

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