How To Protect Your Skin From Sun By Home Remedies

How To Protect You Skin From Sun By Home Remedies

If you are aware of the things then you can protect your skin from sun very easily by Home Remedies.

Our skin not only faces the problem of tanning or sunburn but sometimes problem of wrinkles appear on face. From the several studies, it is proved that living out in sun for a longer may make you older than your age.

Although certain amount of sun rays on body is necessary but excessive sun exposure may become a reason for wrinkle on your face. Though skin changes as per age of person, which can be the reason of ageing. But, in addition to smoking and pollution, sun rays are also harmful for skin and that can be responsible for wrinkles on face.

How To Protect You Skin From Sun By Home Remedies

How You Can Get Wrinkle On Your Face Skin

If we live in sun for longer duration then not only Collagen but Elastin protein also affects the elasticity of skin. When Elastin damages then it produces metalloproteinase enzyme in the body. This enzyme slows down the process of Collagen making which increases wrinkles on face.

In whole process the generation of free radicals increases that causes wrinkles because it supports the increase in metalloproteinase enzyme. If you want to get rid from this then you must use sun cream lotion whenever you go out in sun.


Try to avoid coming out in direct contact of sun. Although you can try some products that can remove these wrinkles such as Dermal filler, dermobragen, laser re-surfacing. To remove wrinkles from face laser re-surfacing is the best option as this process tightens the skin in better way. In this process, laser light is inserted in such a way that fixes the tissue responsible for ageing.  In this process, dead/damage tissues come out and new cells grows that results in younger look.

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