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Fibroma : Definition, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Tuesday, July 10th 2012. | Tumor

Fibroma definition

A fibroid is a benign tumor growing from connective tissue. It can affect all organs. In most cases, the fibroid has a round or spherical and its growth is slow. If multiple fibroids grow, it is called fibromatosis.

Fibroids located within the body are often the subject of a chance discovery and are inconsequential. For cutaneous fibroids, there are soft fibromas (molluscum pendulum) and fibroids hard.

For both forms, there is usually a small benign tumor of skin color. The soft fibroma may be pedunculated or sessile and is almost always painless. Skin areas most often affected are the armpits, neck and groin. Fibroids are nodules compact disks, often brownish, which can be painful.

Fibroma Causes

The causes of formation of fibroids are unknown. The occurrence of fibroids drives can be supported by small lesions of the skin (insect bites).

Fibroma Disorders (symptoms)

Soft fibroma

  • Nodule soft, pedunculated or sessile, skin-colored, painless, on the surface of the skin.
  • No aesthetic discomfort

Hard fibroid

  • Compact and brownish nodule in the skin
  • The nodule is often painful to pressure

Fibroma Examinations (diagnosis)

The fibroids can usually be diagnosed by a detailed inspection of the skin and by palpation of the nodule, without further investigations. If the fibroid is surgically resected, the resected tissue is, in all cases, the subject of a histological (tissue) to confirm its benign nature.

Fibroma Treatment Options

Generally, it is not necessary to treat all fibroids. If they pose aesthetic problems, the doctor can resect soft pedunculated fibroids with scissors. Generally, fibroids hard, painful or bloody, were excised under local anesthesia. As a precaution, the resected tissue is then subjected to histological analysis.

Fibroma Possible complications

Fibroids do not become malignant. They can be painful or bleeding in these cases, resection is indicated.

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