Daily Beauty Tips For Ladies – Day 18

beauty fairness tips for women

Find Here Daily Beauty Tips For Ladies – Day 18

➡ If you don’t have time for shadow, or even mascara, simply give your eyelashes a speedy treatment with an eyelash curler to bring them out of hiding.

➡ Another possibility is the use of false eyelashes. Options for shrinking large pores include facials and microdermabrasion.

➡ Receiving a deep-pore cleaning facial helps clear out your pores completely, and removes unsightly whiteheads or blackheads.

➡ After getting a manicure use rubber gloves to protect your hands from water or cleaning solvents. Avoid using your nails as tools. Grab items with the pads of your fingers instead of the tips.

➡ Regardless of whether you’re wearing the sheer material on the top, bottom or both, you’ll want to avoid wearing a bra and panty set that is light in color, such as white, ivory, bright red, etc.

➡ Avoid using tester products, which can contain bacteria from others. Write the company for a free sample or buy the product, keep the receipt, and return it for a refund if it isn’t to your liking.

➡ Trouble with ingrown hairs from shaving? Prep your skin properly by gently exfoliating before you shave. In the shower, be sure to lather your skin with body wash and use a loofah or other exfoliating tool to push the ingrown hairs up to the surface.

➡ Wind ripping through your hair while on a motorcycle can make your tresses prone to split ends, breakage, and dryness. Prep your hair beforehand by using hair products that contain essential vitamins.

➡ It is important to learn how to switch fatty versions of food items and commodities with healthier ones. For example, use skim milk instead of regular milk and low fat cheese instead of regular cheese.

➡ Exfoliate dry, flaky skin but be gentle and d on’t scrub too hard. Instead of rubbing your skin or face dry, use gentle pats and apply lotion while your skin is still damp, since this helps seal in moisture faster.

➡ With the lack of sleep new mothers are bound to get, cover-up for under the eyes is an important make-up solution. Choose a color that is a bit lighter than your regular foundation to offset the circles.

➡ Create an aroma therapeutic bath by adding bath salts that contain kelp, sea minerals and other types of seaweed. These ingredients work to promote relaxation as well as purify your skin and rid it of toxins.

➡ If hair is your big hurdle in the morning, try shampooing the night before. You can put your locks up in rollers or get the straightening iron out before bed, to save you the time and effort the next morning.

➡ Keep your makeup pencils from breaking by storing them in the refrigerator before you sharpen them. This keeps the inside of the pencils from cracking during sharpening, which can cause premature breakage.

➡ Prevent your pedicure from chipping off prematurely by avoiding socks and close-toed shoes for at least a day or two after getting out of the nail salon. Also avoid exposing your toes to chlorine pools and buy the same shade of nail polish for touchups.

➡ If you are traveling or simply want to avoid the mess of hot wax, look for prewaxed strips. Also, if your hair is coarse, be sure to exfoliate the day after the waxing to help eliminate in-grown hairs.

➡ Choose your powder according to your coverage needs. Cream-to-powder for full coverage, pressed powder for medium and loose powder for minimal. Choose a powder that compliments your foundation.

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