Daily Beauty Tips For Ladies – Day 16

beauty fairness tips for women

Find Here Daily Beauty Tips For Ladies – Day 16

➡ If you want your lips to be your stand out feature, go for a bright shock of color. Bold lips work for pale skin. Opt for a lip stain in coral or a gloss in melon. Blot to set and then apply gloss for full, luscious lips.

➡ Jump out of the shower and let your curls air dry. Flip your head upside down and gently finger-comb your curls out to add body and depth to your fro. You can shape the perfect fro in about 2 minutes.

➡ Thin-lipped gals should use pale shades for lip color, which creates the illusion of fuller lips. Using darker colors will only make tin lips appear even smaller/thinner.

➡ When getting a new hairstyle bring photos to your stylist and make sure that the person in the photo has the same type of hair and face shape as you. This will increase the odds getting good results.

➡ Fungal nail infections can be treated using tea tree oil. Simply apply a small amount of tea tree oil to the infected nail(s) and the surrounding skin twice a daily (morning and before bed) and that’s it.

➡ Shorter women can create the illusion of height by wearing earrings with seashell and winged designs that create an upwards style. Tall women should sport earrings that are long and dangly.

➡ An easy way to pamper your feet is to soak them in a footbath of sweet almond oil or a few drops of peppermint oil and slather your feet in white petroleum jelly and cover in a pair of socks for the softest feet ever.

➡ If hair is your big hurdle in the morning, try shampooing the night before. You can put your locks up in rollers or get the straightening iron out before bed, to save you the time and effort the next morning.

➡ Take care of your makeup brushes by washing them in mild shampoo or makeup remover. Lay your brushes out on a dry towel in a sunny area. Use your fingers to twist the bristles into its natural shape.

➡ To eat healthier, change the methods of cooking you use for meals. Skip frying your foods and instead choose baking, broiling or grilling to cook fish, chicken and beef. Make your veggies more nutritious by eating them raw, steamed or on the grill.

➡ Some salons are pricier than others. Choose a hair salon with reasonable rates, especially if you only go occasionally. Avoid choosing the cheapest salon where the quality of the work isn’t good.

➡ If you want a cat-eye look or just need a thicker line along your lids, begin with the skinniest line of eyeliner you can achieve and build your liner in layers. Add one line on top of the next.

➡ Apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks, dab a little of the same color to your T-zone and just under your brow bone along the crease of your eyelids. This brightens your look and evens tired skin tone.

➡ If you want your bras to stay in good shape, never machine-wash them – even if you have one of those special bra-washing containers. Hand washing is the best method. Use lukewarm water and liquid soap to gently soak and clean your bras. Hang dry.

➡ When it comes to eyeliner, avoid using thick lines on eyes that are naturally small or close together. Never apply eyeliner to your eyes if they are swollen, infected or tired. It will cause more harm than good.

➡ Yellow nails can be lightened by using nail polish remover that contains lemon juice to bleach the color or you can buy a nail whitening scrub that uses a mild abrasive to scrape off the yellow tinge.

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