Daily Beauty Tips For Ladies – Day 15

beauty fairness tips for women

Find Here Daily Beauty Tips For Ladies – Day 15

➡ Fortified cereals are a good way to ensure that you are getting your daily dose of B complex vitamins. You can also take a supplement to provide nutrients that might be lacking in your diet.

➡ Want to plump your lips? Mix a dab of Vaseline with a pinch of cayenne pepper and rub the mixture over your lips. The cayenne pepper acts as an irritant that plumps lips while the Vaseline helps to moisturize them.

➡ Hot water is a common factor that can cause dry skin. Only use lukewarm water and avoid taking long showers and baths. Being in the water for too long robs your skin of what little moisture it can hold onto.

➡ You can create your own body sprays by combining distilled water and essential oils of your choice. Some popular options in essential oils for summer include lemon, orange and cucumber.

➡ Cuticle massages are great for fostering the growth of new fingernails. You can use almond oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil, vitamin E oil, or jojoba oil to apply to your nails and gently rub into the cuticles.

➡ When trying on swimsuits, look at yourself from all angles and be sure you like what you see. Each time you put on your bathing suit, you should feel totally secure. If there are any doubts, move on to the next one.

➡ Never forget the basics of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Clueless about how to do it? See a dermatologist and learn how to put together the right skin care routine for your skin’s needs.

➡ When taken orally olive oil helps prevent wrinkles, thin skin and other signs of aging. It can also help increase skin density and help the skin heal from damage as well as protect against external irritation.

➡ Treat yourself to an Indonesian style floral bath. Add petals of jasmine, gardenia, hibiscus, magnolia, and rose to bathwater and soak for 20 minutes to relax your muscles and help build internal wellness.

➡ Women with blonde hair and blue eyes should avoid wearing red eye shadow at all costs. Instead, opt for shades of light pinks or coral. Wearing bright red will only make you look like a clown.

➡ While spider veins usually fade after giving birth, sometimes they like to linger. If this describes your situation you can solve the issue by wearing leggings or opaque pantyhose to disguise them.

➡ If you’re not getting the nutrients your skin needs you can look older and more tired than you really are. Eating foods like oranges can prevent skin from looking dull while carrots can help reduce wrinkles.

➡ Lemon juice is one of the best ingredients for an oily skin cleanser. Mix lemon juice with an exfoliating ingredient like oats or skim milk powder, or a creamy substance like yogurt.

➡ If you’re afraid you’ll get tired of your new hairstyle, find out what other styles you can do to switch things up from time to time. Even new hairstyles can get boring if you d on’t do anything to it.

➡ Look for a body lotion that contains alpha hydroxy acids. This ingredient not only moisturizes your body but helps to smooth rough areas as well, such as the elbows, knees, and feet.

➡ Always use a large, fluffy, rounded brush for applying facial powder. Using a powder puff or sponge tends to add too much powder, which makes your complexion look cakey and fake.

➡ If you’re a m om that doesn’t have a lot of time to spare and hates fussing with your tresses, you may want to look into a sleek and sexy bob. Shorter hair makes preparing a breeze and takes less time and maintenance.

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