Daily Beauty Tips For Ladies – Day 11

how to make your lips look bigger without makeup

➡ Don’t go overboard with exfoliating. Once to twice a week is ideal – anymore than that, and you could irritate your skin and over acidify your complexion. Be sure to choose a gentle formula.

➡ One way to ensure that your body spray keeps you cool and fresh is to chill it in the refrigerator before spraying. Or you can layer the fragrance by using scented body gel in the shower, followed by body spray.

➡ Feel comfortable while shopping for bathing suits by finding the right store to look in. Pick a store where you don’t feel intimidated. It helps to shop at a store that caters to your size and build.

➡ When introducing a new skincare or makeup item into your routine, give your skin time to adjust. All cosmetic items contain a score of ingredients and any of them can possibly irritate your skin.

➡ Before applying false eyelashes, apply one to two coats of regular mascara to help your natural lashes blend in better with the fake ones. Apply eye makeup first to avoid getting color on the false lashes.

➡ You can turn to general dietary supplements or those that are formulated for increased nail growth. Vitamin B6 and Niacin are two major nutrients that help speed up and support cell growth.

➡ Want a way to make your thin lips appear fuller? Add clear gloss! Light reflects off of the lip gloss, which creates the illusion of larger lips. To make larger lips appear thinner, stick to matte lip colors.

➡ To maintain naturally beautiful, strong and healthy hair, it is important that you drink plenty of water, and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, eat foods rich in vitamin E for shine.

➡ Keep your complexion clean and clear by not touching your face with your fingers, especially if you’ve touched your hair. Oil and bacteria can transfer from your fingers to your complexion, causing pimples.

➡ Choose soft waves and curls, or longer styles with layers to soften a square face shap e. This face shape should only deal with hairstyles that d on’t create or enhance hard lines.

➡ One way to tell if your makeup sponge needs to be thrown away is if it looks shiny from absorbing the excess oils on your face. Clean sponges once a week or use disposable sponges that come in bulk.

➡ If you suffer from dark under eye circles, stress will make them worse. Do your best to maintain a positive lifestyle, both physically and emotionally. Concealer and lots of sleep will take care of the rest.

➡ During the breastfeeding stage it is not recommended for new mothers to go on weight loss or dieting programs, since this period of time should be devoted to nurturing your newborn through breastfeeding.

➡ Avoid eating pasta, rice, and/or potatoes before bed. Such foods can result in a soft, doughy complexion in the morning. Instead eat foods rich in protein and low in sugar, such as salmon and asparagus.

➡ If your skin starts to get flaky and dry, pour boiling water into a bowl and use a towel to cover your head and steam your face for five minutes. Your face will be flush, refreshed and your makeup will stay on better.

➡ One of the biggest culprits in drying out the nails is nail polish and nail polish remover. Look for a brand that does not contain formaldehyde, since this ingredient can be very drying to nails.

➡ For toes with French tips, make sure you own a bottle of white nail polish made especially for French m anicures and pedicures. If you don’t own the color that matches your pedicure, go back to the salon and buy it.

➡ If you want your lip color to last longer, use your lip liner as a base. Line your lips as usual and then fill in the rest and apply your regular lipstick as normal. Lighter colors should use nude liner as a base.

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