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Condyloma : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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What is Condyloma

Genital warts result from infection with human papillomavirus (HPV). They are infectious and are sexually transmitted. It is generally benign warts the size of a pinhead. Condyloma appears on the genitals and tend to cluster by taking one aspect of cauliflower.

Condyloma Causes

There are nearly 80 subcategories of the HPV virus, some of which can cause cancer of the cervix. With chlamydia and herpes, HPV infection is among the diseases most prevalent sexually transmitted.

Condyloma Transmission :

  • Sex with multiple partners
  • Unprotected sex
  • Transmission towels “dirty” (rare)
  • An infected mother can infect her child during childbirth.

Additional risk factors :

  • Small oozing sores
  • Weakened immune system
  • Inflammations of the skin and mucous membranes
  • smoking
  • Drugs, cannabis, cocaine
  • Some drugs (immunsuppresseurs)

Condyloma in men


Condyloma Disorders (symptoms)

The incubation period (time from infection until the onset of symptoms) lasts about two to four weeks :

  • HPV infections may be asymptomatic.
  • Warts the size of a pinhead on the genitals, anus or colon.
  • Warts isolated or grouped
  • In humans, the penis or prepuce, in women, at the labia, vagina or urethra (rare).
  • Warts in the mucosa of the mouth (transmission during oral sex).
  • Rarely: itching or burning at the warts.

Examinations (diagnosis)

  • Consideration of symptoms, questions on sexual behavior.
  • Usually the doctor identifies the warts with the naked eye. However, there are invisible forms of warts although infection has occurred.
  • Pour a few drops of acetic acid on the warts to make them visible.
  • In women, examination of the cervix under a microscope specific.
  • Biopsy and HPV research

Treatment Options

In most cases HPV infection clears up on its own. However warts should be monitored because they spread very quickly.

General Measures

This shall include the sexual partner in the treatment. The type of treatment depends on the shape, size and location of warts. Immunocompromised patients (chronically ill, AIDS patients or pregnant women) should receive different treatment. Generally should be made for treatment combining several methods.


  • Imiquimod: a substance stimulating the immune system and fighting viruses. It can be applied as a cream. Side effects: redness and possible burns.
  • Interferon: specific protein produced by human cells by a virus attack and acting against infection, can be applied in gel form after surgery.

Other Applications

  • Dab the wart with a solution of cauterization (podophyllotoxin); side effects: pain and skin irritation.
  • Trichloroacetic acid: regular applications by the doctor side effects: pain and skin burns.
  • Cold treatment (cryotherapy): Freezing warts with liquid nitrogen.

Condyloma Surgery

Warts can be removed under local anesthesia, using UV laser, electrocautery or scalpel.

Possible Complications

The recurrence rate is high despite the initiation of treatment. Even cured, warts can reappear.

Preventive measures

  • Safe sex: Consistent condom use
  • Include all sexual partners in the treatment
  • In women who have contracted virus infection HPV smear should be performed at least once a year to detect and treat as soon as possible a possible cancer cervix.
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